Bill Thomas

Bill Thomas sent me an e-mail today with a photo and no works, he knew that he did not have to write anything. It was a trug fill of artichokes, there was only three words I could send back to him, “I hate you’, one of the great things about growing vegetables is this need to out do each other, and Bill and the team from Chanticleer kicked my ass today. I am not too unhappy really because they are not growing poppies through theirs and mine do look great for it.


Sweet pea

It is great to have some sweet peas on my desk again, the first of the season and I did not grow them. I have to say there was a pang of jealousy when Jonny gave them to me first thing today, his are in flower before mine…..after the amount of wine I drunk last night it was just good to have something sweet to smell so I did not have the energy to mine too much, my plants will be in flower soon.



I have pricked out the Kale, the crop for the winter. I had hoped to grow a lot more varieties this winter but it is not going to happen, I have to be better about ordering this winter for next year. Kale was such a great crop last winter and gave us enough green’s last winter, I have about 190 plants for this winter……..maybe that is enough anyway.



Life is so interesting, today was a great day, in so many ways but it did make me think how interesting it is that I am single, there are too many reason for this for a blog. My great friend Ellie came and helped me in the garden, we got the rest of the fruit cage weeded and then moved to an area that looks like it was a building site, the weeds are so big. but in all that there where potatoes plants, I started to lift them to clear the site and I now have new potatoes……a meal for Matt and Jonny.


Fruit cage

I have started the great clean up on the fruit cage, it is going to take all of this week I am sure to get on top of it all, I am already looking forward to my friend coming tomorrow to help out, I really need the help, I still feel there is a lot to do in a stort time. As I turn my back the weeds get bigger and I need to have another day of sowing seed.


High garden

I feel that I have got some order back in the high garden now and it does make me very happy. I have spent part of the day on my hands and knees weeding between the plants and rows, then at the end of the day I ran the hoe down the rows to break up the soil ready for the rain we are going to get at the end of the week. I will move into the fruit cage tomorrow, the forget-me- nots have gone over so they and the weeds now need to come out.


Old friend

I have not visited Derek Jarman’s garden for a long time but in the past two weeks I have visited twice, was the wind was strong and rainy, the other perfect weather and I am very happy to be back there visiting again. This is down to my friend Jonny, he helps out in the garden when he has the time and is happy to show people the garden. We went out there last evening with a student from America, it was the perfect evening to be out there and the colour was just perfect. I am already looking forward to getting out there again, the dogs also love a trip out there as did the past dogs.


Too long

I have felt very uneasy since being back at work, I think two weeks was too long to be away from the vegetable garden. I had the symposium the first week and then the great trip to Romania but in that time the garden has got out of hand and it has taken me till today to get a grip on things, I just felt unsure where to start with the clean up. I had a great day getting on all fours to weed and then hoeing over the soil. The High Garden is looking so much better for it, by the end of next week things should be a little better, I even got in another row of salad mix.



I tried some new seed this year, the first to come into flower is Tagetes patula ‘Alumia Vanilla Cream’, it is a very sweet little butter yellow flower, I have planted them down the middle of my double row of flat leaf parsley, I had an extra plant so I repeated the same combination in a pot and got them moving under glass so we have results early, I love the flowers, and you can eat them.