Old friend

I have not visited Derek Jarman’s garden for a long time but in the past two weeks I have visited twice, was the wind was strong and rainy, the other perfect weather and I am very happy to be back there visiting again. This is down to my friend Jonny, he helps out in the garden when he has the time and is happy to show people the garden. We went out there last evening with a student from America, it was the perfect evening to be out there and the colour was just perfect. I am already looking forward to getting out there again, the dogs also love a trip out there as did the past dogs.



4 thoughts on “Old friend

  1. Sharing a favourite garden with a friend is the definition of a perfect day. A friend of mine from Australia took me to a few of his this spring, and I can say those days are part of my life’s history now and etched in my heart forever. Everyone should make an effort…take a friend to a favourite garden!

  2. This photo evokes such pleasant memories for me. The shock of the landscape, the nuclear plant looming in the background, and finally the undaunted spirit of human struggle. Thanks Aaron Just love this. Made it my home page picture on my laptop

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