The great thing about the Viola is not just the size of its flowers but that it also has a scent and so is perfect on the desk like I have it but also perfect next to the bed ( I have a bunch of Mrs Nextdoors ‘lily of the valley’, next to my bed. I even gave Jonny a bunch of the Viola’s yesterday for his table as he was having a dinner party, I hope they enjoyed the scent.



It is always great when you combine two plants together that you could picture the year before and the result is better then you pictured. This is the case with the Tulipa sprengeri and Viola ‘Inverurine Beauty’. Both these plants where gifts from different people, the Tulipa bulbs where given to me from a lady in the North who hosted me when I gave a talk and the Viola is a gift from my dear friend Laura Gatacre who dug it out of her vegetable garden when I showed interest in it. The more you pick the Viola the more it flowers.



Today we covered the Brassica’s, this season I am trying a new netting, well new to me. The netting not only to protects  againt the pegeons but also the white butterfly, I want to cut down on the chemical use in the vegetable garden but unless you have a netting like this you are going to have to use a chemical against the white butterfly. It was great to have Thomas up there to help, wind and netting do not go well together. It is important to remember when you build such a cover that you are going to need to get into it to weed a few times so do not over tie it down but not have any holes that a butterfly can get into or a little dog, I am talking to you now Miscanthus.



I am so pleased with the Tulips that I ordered through Gardens Illustrated, a friend Andrew took the photos in the magazine and I loved the photos of the Tulips so much that I had to have the bulbs for myself and so that day ordered them, some of them I could only get one of each bulb so planted each of them in a single pots. I would like them to be still in flower when the symposium starts in ten days. Thank you lady editor xxx


Pot on

I was on weekend duty this past weekend in the nursery, it is always great to be on duty because it makes me sow seed and move on plants that need it. The past weekend it was time to move on the pumpkins, it is very important to move plants on and keep them growing. The young pumpkins are looking great, we also now have the ground ready to plant them out in, this will happen in the next few weeks, I am so looking forward to this crop.