Pea ‘Sugar Ann’

We got the pea sticks up and then the peas in the ground. To have this structure in the garden really does make it feel so much different up there, it is now feeling like something is going on in the vegetable garden. It is also good to have the plants in the ground so that I have more room in the glass house for other things, I need to get the tomatoes in now, I have the area ready for them but do not have plants. I have a few days without Thomas, is has gone off to Paris for a holiday…..staff.


Globe artichoke

It is that day of the year when the artichokes are lifted and slips are taken from the two year old plant, you just take these young slips, these severed from the main stem below ground level at the point where they meet the trunk, and get rid of the rest. It does sound like a big job but goes well if you have someone like Thomas on the job with you. It was the hottest day of the year so far so maybe not the best day to do it, now I want it to cool down a little and maybe rain a little also, I do like to get things my way.



I do not think that 5 seeds to come up out of 48 planted is a good number, and this year I do not think it is down to me, this is the number of Thompson and Morgan broad bean seeds to come up, on the same day I sowed 48 seeds in the same way from Moles, two did not come up, the rest did, this tells me something about the seed suppilier. Well anyway I am leaving the peas and broad beans out all night tonight to harden them for the garden, I would like to get them in before the end of the week. I have left them out for five days and just put them in the summer house at night so they are getting hard and after tonight they should be hard.


Oh Tom

I am always very happy to go over to Gravetye and see what Tom and the team are up to, maybe the high light of this trip was to see the meadows and how much better they are looking with great management but really for me the high light while there is the time Tom gives me to look around and talk things over, I know a lot of gardeners who do such a great job but never put in the time to enjoy the work and talk it over with interested friends, thank you Tom for a great Sunday tour and lunch xxx



Once again Moles seed has come through for me. I was able the take the first lot of fleece off the garden and was very happy to see that under it was a great crop of Beetroot and Spinach but the best of all was something that I was not able to grow last year, Parsnip, this has made my week I have to say, I have been back up there tonight to have another look. I am now the biggest fan of fleece to get things moving early.


Broad bean

Well the good news is that I over ordered the  right broad bean seed, I planted two varieties of broad bean seed and the one that has done best so far is the “Super Aquadulce’ these seed I got from Moles, the other that has not done well at all is ‘Express’ and the seed from these was from Thompson and Morgan, it is not the only seed from them that I have not been so happy with this season so far. I am getting less and less from Thompson and Morgan anyway.


My little dogs

Everyday my little dogs bring me such joy, of course some days the joy is much stronger than others, today was a fun day. In the autumn I got Miscanthus a gift, it was a soft toy that she could and did carry around with her, one day it was gone and like a lot of things that leave your lift we do not think about them again. Today I wanted to break up more soil, while doing so I unearthed the soft toy, much to Miscathus’s joy. On my way to lunch I walked past the row of spring lettuce that have just come up and something had dug part of this row, so of course I was not happy so went to have a closer look just under the surface was the same soft toy, it was easy to see that Miscanthus had dug up part of the row. This digging and me finding has gone on over the afternoon. Miscanthus is such a funny and naughty little dog unlike the perfect Conifer.



The boy is back in town I am happy to report. Thomas spent his first full day back in England in the sun in the vegetable garden weeding the area that I have not got to yet. I was not at Great Dixter today so was very happy to come back and see what a great job he has done, sorry he is only here for two weeks, I had better work him hard, there will not be a weekend for him.



I  am on nursery duty this long weekend. It is not the end of the world because it gave me the chance to sow more seeds today. I have now started on the crop that I have come to love, the pumpkins. The sowing dates last year was two weeks later but I live it hope that it is going to become warm early and they will be fine, it was great to have good sized plants early last year and so I will try a litre earlier this year. Over ten million pumpkins are grown in the U.K each year, I am going to help get the numbers up, watch out U.S.


My Mother

I was reminded of my dear Mother today while I was on my hands and knees very carefully moving the soil in the plug trays to see if there was any life with the broad bean seed, only one has come up so I wanted to see if there was more life, not that my Mother would have had her hands in soil (she spent too much time and money on her nails), but I was reminded of my Mother trying to working out if the crop of melons where ripe by cutting a bit out of each, of course they went rotten. Like her I like to have answers, she was great fun, that is where I get my sense of fun. And yes there is movement with the seed, more should come up over Easter.