My little dogs

Everyday my little dogs bring me such joy, of course some days the joy is much stronger than others, today was a fun day. In the autumn I got Miscanthus a gift, it was a soft toy that she could and did carry around with her, one day it was gone and like a lot of things that leave your lift we do not think about them again. Today I wanted to break up more soil, while doing so I unearthed the soft toy, much to Miscathus’s joy. On my way to lunch I walked past the row of spring lettuce that have just come up and something had dug part of this row, so of course I was not happy so went to have a closer look just under the surface was the same soft toy, it was easy to see that Miscanthus had dug up part of the row. This digging and me finding has gone on over the afternoon. Miscanthus is such a funny and naughty little dog unlike the perfect Conifer.


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