Early carrots

I am very happy with Perry, he spent the time with me on the internet to get a good cover to grow carrots under. Carrot fly is such a problem and in a way the best thing to do is to keep them covered through their lives, you need a fine mesh that still lets light and water through. The covers that we got are a little too white but are very tidy. To help keep carrot fly away people will cover them and also grow onions on either side, I have spring onions growing on one side. The variety that I planted is C. ‘Early Nantes 2’, hope they are going to grow well.


2 thoughts on “Early carrots

  1. I am very jealous. Since moving to RI, I have always planted my peas on St. Patrick’s Day. Not this year! Pat’s been going out every day to check but, the ground (even in the raised beds) is still frozen.

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