Student weekend

This past weekend we had our student weekend, we had fifteen students come and help us with jobs that help the place look great before we open. I spent the weekend in the house cooking which I enjoy. One of the jobs that Fergus and the students did was the clean up the kitchen yard, and what a great job they did. It made me get out there and clean up my pots and also get the Tulips out of the cold frame, they are ready to face the world, these are the special bulbs that I ordered through ‘Gardens Illustrated’, I am looking forward to seeing how great they are. I gave them a good watering and the extra light will get them moving.



One thought on “Student weekend

  1. I can’t tell you how much am looking forward to your special tulips blooming. i am hoping that you will share photos up CLOSE so we can appreciate the detail. After the November symposium I came home and planted 1000 tulips in the garden, and then planted 600 bulbs in 30 pots, which are all coming up now. I must tell you I am very excited to see my bulbs and yours !!!

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