You get to a point on a compost heap and there is no more that you can use from it. I have reached that point so today I started to clean the heap and spread it out so that it is even and new garden waste can be added. The most interesting thing about doing the job was not how much Miscanthus ate of the heap but the sweet smell, it took me back to my childhood and the same smell that I use to smell when the dairy farmers fed their cows in the winter, the smell of grass that has fermented, silage. I could not get enough of the smell of it, it was good to be reminded of my childhood, I had a good one. I will now have to break into next years heap tomorrow.



I will do the last of the digging this week, anything that I do not get to will not be dug this year, by the time I get back it will be time to starting thinking about seed sowing and weeding the edges of the garden, getting ready for the garden to open at the end of March and the movement of the snails. Snails come out of resting on valentines day in this part of the world so keeping weeds down around the edges is very useful so they can not hide from the birds.


One week

My week of cooking for the symposium is over and I have one week out in the garden to get all the digging behind me that I need to before I go off to Israel for two weeks. While in Israel I hope to get out into the desert to see what is in flower, things should be moving by now, and they have already had some good snow even in the desert. On my desk this week I have some chaenomeles in water, now that they are in the house they have started to open, it really is great to force things at this time of the year. It does help spring to feel like it is closer, two weeks in Israel will also help with that.