High garden

I have not got anymore digging to do in the high garden I am very happy to report. There is one more area that I would like to dig before I go away but at this moment it still has bedding plants (Lychnis coronaria) for the garden lined out in it so if they are not moved before I go away it will not get dug, it is the area that I will have the tomatoes in this summer so it is a shame if I am not able to dig it over, open space is very tight at Great Dixter. It is not really the end of the world, we all have to work together.


5 thoughts on “High garden

  1. Better still, why not get a photo of ‘Cathy using the spade.’ Cathy, Linda S & C have all told me that they are a health kick, so why not an hour a day, during our visit in May! I’m sure you can find somewhere in the garden that needs digging over! I’ll carry the drinks!

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