I will do the last of the digging this week, anything that I do not get to will not be dug this year, by the time I get back it will be time to starting thinking about seed sowing and weeding the edges of the garden, getting ready for the garden to open at the end of March and the movement of the snails. Snails come out of resting on valentines day in this part of the world so keeping weeds down around the edges is very useful so they can not hide from the birds.



8 thoughts on “Dig

  1. Do you put coffee grounds or eggshells around your more slug prone veg as well as weeding? or as a garden open to the public is this a little too ugly?

    Thank you for the interesting blog!

    • I have to say I am not great with the control of slugs and most salads have slugs in them, I do use organic pallets but really count on the birds to eat them and this is why keeping the weeds under control does help a lot.

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