Sometimes lunches do go on for too long and it is very hard to get people out of the house, today they did not even stay for the apple crumble. I gave myself and four friends food poisoning which came on in fifteen minutes, hence not having time to enjoy pudding. It did seem untrue at the time. I cooked sausages, pumpkin mash and kale, I think the problem was the pumpkin mash, the pumpkin was not at its best. I removed the plates from the table we went into the next room to look over some paperwork, the next thing, Helen and Louise are being sick in the hedgerow, Andrew is in the loo at the front door, Perry is between here and his house and I am being sick in the kitchen. I am going to cook the other sausages tomorrow for myself to rule them out. I still have a whole apple crumble……


15 thoughts on “Lunch

  1. And what do we learn from this story ….. when Aaron serves pumpkin mash up in May -DON”T EAT IT!!! or we’ll all look & feel like Halloween!
    Hope y’all are feeling much better – there is nothing worse than food poisoning – take note Cathy!

  2. Glad it did not happen at symposium in May. Twelve people being sick would have been quite a scene. I am laughing out loud. Oh my dearest Aaron……… are a hoot!!!!!

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