I really have to say today was the day that I felt my age and for the first time felt that winter was becoming too much. We have had so much rain in the past few days that spending time on my hands and knees in the mud lifting the autumn raspberries and cleaning out there roots of bindweed was just very hard, duty work. The good thing about the time was that I did not have to think about the work too much, I could go over my slide show in my head. I am now looking forward to my travels to Austria and France next week. I still have a days work on the raspberries tomorrow, that is going to help me get out of bed……..


5 thoughts on “42

  1. …been stalking you on your blog which I’ve just discovered. It’s brilliant! …wonderful way to experience Dixter vicariously through the winter….in awe of your hard work on the fruit cage, now I understand how you can eat all that chocolate and always need pudding

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