Today it was the turn of the blackcurrant’s, they needed a good clean up, there seems to have been a lot of broken branches, I have to say the smell when cutting the branches was great, very special. The blackcurrant’s fruit along the stem of the last years wood so it is important to cut out old wood and let new wood take over. You would not want any wood older then three years old. With the pruning that I have carried out, I have found it useful to have another look over the brush after a coffee and chocolate break, fresh eyes, even better would be to have Thomas here to go over my work but he is back in Australia enjoying the sun, how I hate him. I do miss his help very much.



8 thoughts on “Blackcurrant

  1. Aaron ~ My dream is to one day have a fruit cage. Is it covered with the same gage wire on the top and sides? Is the wire set into the ground at all to prevent rodents from getting in? Do you
    ever have to replace the upright supports? I will prune my blackberries soon! Thank you for all
    the detail on the berry pruning. Very helpful.

    • And you should have one, you are worth it. It is the same wire on the side and roof and it goes dan into the soil so nothing can get in. Of course the supports do need to be replaced but maybe only every thirty years, well depending which wood you use. We can have a good look in May.

  2. Great idea on the coffee and chocolate break. We need to remember to take good chocolate in May.
    Thank you Aaron. A close look in May would be good!

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