Own seed

While I was in the U.S this past summer I decided that I need to collect my own seed as much as I can, it maybe an ideal at this stage but something that I will work towards, and the first of my seed collection happened this past weekend, I made pumpkin soup and I love the little green pumpkins, so I have started to collect my own seed and will use it next spring. I am going to also buy other because I do not have enough stock to draw from yet to have a good selection, so I may need your help Bill. 


4 thoughts on “Own seed

  1. I saved seed during the year of Kiss Me Under the Garden gate, California Poppies, Mountain Aster, Feverfew and others. I mixed them up with some Milkweed that Linda Fuller sent me,
    scattered the seed in the front of the mountain home, lightly raked, mulched over with leaves
    and watered in. Friday they should get some mountain rain. I have my fingers crossed that
    come spring I will have a few plants. A fun experiment! xo

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