Is it any better to be told that you are too fat by a computer than a person? That is what happened to me today, I went to see the local nurse today who did a wellman test, now that I have left 40 years behind, the computer worked out I have to get half a stone off….but it was not a bad day, I got the lower compost heap cleared and ready for me to use it, maybe a winter of digging will help with the weight problem.


7 thoughts on “Fat

  1. My doctor tells me I’m fat all the time! But after a good workout in the garden, a good healthy ‘vegetable’ diet, cover all the mirrors in the house and hey presto!
    PS Did you say sticky date pudding was on the menu next year!

  2. I just sweep heaps of oak leaves and pine needles from about 350 feet of
    road around the mountain home. We are all making the effort together!

  3. So being the authority on weight loss (-189 pounds) a simple message from me. More movement healthier simple choices, no brownies, less food, no sauces, more veggies and fruit. Genius huh? I am taking your advise and getting serious.

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