It is great to end the day with all the fruit in from the gourds and pumpkins, I just now need to find enough window sill space to place the fruit on. I still have a barrow  load out at the frontdoor, I just wanted to let the last lot dry off before they are moved in. Some of the fruit has been eaten while on the heaps, I think this could be rats, I was sorry to see it. Now the foliage needs to be cleaned up, the compost will then be ready to be used.


6 thoughts on “In

  1. Aaron ~ what a variety you have. Do you order seeds for each variety or do you order
    a mix? Are the yellow ones a gourd? Are they edible? What is the name of the dark orange
    with the pointed top? Sorry for so many questions! Cat

  2. I think your gourds are amazing!! Well done! Please answer all Cathy’s questions – I can only imagine what is going to come from the back seat of the convertible next year! I’ll pack earmuffs.

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