We have started to move the Gourds into the house for the winter, it does look great to see them on the window sill, they do give the house a new lease of life. It is going to be interesting to see how well they keep, I think the ones that we grew in the soil are going to keep better because they had less water. image


We got the high garden weeded on Friday and I had the A team working with me, not only did I have the great weeder Thomas but we also had one the the best nurserymen in the U.S, the great Ed Bowen. We wanted to get the garden looking best for the second Gardens Illustrated readers day tomorrow.


Thanks Bruce

I could not ask for a better person to work with in the vegetable garden than Thomas and today was one of  those days that I remembered that, he cleaned up the fruit cage and did something that I have wanted done for a while, he weeded out the poppies, I still want to grow them but they need to be grown in a better area and with the help of Thomas this is going to happen.



And today I started to bring in the pumpkins, we grew a great one that is grey in colour and a good size, I am told this is a great pumpkin for roasting, and I really am looking forward to doing just that, it is Cucurbita maxima ‘ Jarrahdale Pumpkin’, I do hope this one is going to store well because I do not want to eat it yet, it is too good looking.