I was up in the North of England to give a talk on vegetable gardening, a very sweet horticultural society who run things very well and my hostess Heather did something that we could all learn from, she takes any extra seeds from her garden and let’s any of the society members take as many as they want, not only that, Heather stores the seed in Bittermint boxes, she has a Bittermint each night so has a box to use just under every two weeks, there are eleven Bittermints in each small box. The shearing of locally grown seed is a great thing.


2 thoughts on “Seeds

  1. That is super sweet! I love doing this with the ladies on my street. They all have part of my garden in theirs. One day I year I pull out all my extra seedlings from my little green house, set them out front, call the ladies and they all come running. They are gone in a flash! I also have part of my Mum’s garden, and part of Linda Fuller’s garden in mine.
    It is a special kinship we all have, isn’t it???

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