I have to say I was stocked when I walked out of the gym tonight just before seven and saw how low the light was, we really are coming into Autumn and maybe some rain at some point, it reminded me that I should put some leather cream into my blundstone boots, the only other time I remember to do it is when my friend Charlie telephones me from New Zealand in the morning, before work to say hello, as he is the one who brings them over for me and I feel bad that I am not looking after them better, I do wear them almost year round.


5 thoughts on “Boots

  1. Those boots look loved!

    Love the change of the seasons.

    In California, I will be wearing my wellies with my demin shorts…
    OC winter clothes!

  2. Aaron, your Blundstones look as ‘loved’ as mine. I have one pair for the garden and a better pair to wear into town (remember this is rural NSW), and a new pair in the box. When the garden pair are worn out, I move them along and buy a new pair.

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