De Kas

We are on holiday, part of that is not having to cook, last night we went to a place called De Kas, it is a very interesting place to eat, for one they grow their own vegetables, they have a small garden around the restaurant, which is a glasshouse, you can walk through the working glasshouse into the main glasshouse, the  restaurant. You sit down to a three course set menu, light food that is just perfect, and you are told about each plate in front of you. They have a big farm outside the city where most of the vegetables are grown. It really was something worth seeing on its own but to also eat there was a treat.



3 thoughts on “De Kas

  1. OMG!!!!! I have eaten at De Kas ( which means glasshouse) in Amsterdam. It is fresh and amazing. I loved the giant olive trees in the restaurant. That is one of the most special restaurants in the world. Hope you go to the museums while you are there. Saw the “Nightwatchman” painting there and had an “art experience” while standing there.

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