Pop up

The Mint Ice Cream ( enough for 44 people, and helpers) is now made and in the freezer for the pop up super we are hosting in the Great Barn on Saturday night, it is such a great way to end the meal, the fresh taste of Mint Ice Cream. It is also a good time to cut the Mint back, it is not till you do this that you see all the young growth waiting to come through, and you will have fresh mint to make more ice cream before too long. The making of the Short Bread will happen in the morning. 


10 thoughts on “Pop up

  1. Yum! Your guests are so lucky! My Dad use to take me for peppermint ice cream when I was a little girl.
    It was my favourite. Add crushed candy cane, and this would be wonderful for your Christmas function!

  2. Got my copy of Gardens Illustrated last week – WOW great article – congratulations!! I’m definitely trying some of the recipes! Maybe the ‘Tintinhull cook’ could get a few ideas!

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