There is not much more that can make you feel like summer than fresh pesto with home-made pasta (thank you Thomas), we made it yesterday using the Purple Basil (Red Rubin), the seed was sown on the 18/04, the plants in the garden have really not grown much and are now running to seed ( I know how that feels), but the plants in the glass house with the Tomatoes are doing well and that is what we are using for the pesto, the Tomatoes are also in full production. 


Pear tree

Hampton Court Flower show ended yesterday, the day we went to have a look around, it is always good to see what is new at the show but for me, the thing I love to see most is something that is old and not even in the show, it is on the way to the show, a gold espalier pear tree on the wall and door near the entrance to the Palace, I look at it and think, I should marry well…….L1050483

Must have

It is great when you see a plant that you really want and know that you can have it, I am going to have to wait till next year but I will grow it, I will use Mrs Next-doors glasshouse for this. Today I went to see John who is helping me with my display vegetables, well I am helping him while he teaches me, today Thomas and me went to his house to see how his vegetables were doing, Thomas loved the place as much as I do, I looked into the plastic house and saw a black Tomato, it has a true black fruit, it would give such a lift to a summer salad, it is Tomato ‘Indigo Rose’ L1050477

Touch the ground

It is so good to see that the Gourds and Pumpkins have started to touch the ground, I have developed another obsession, how much they grown each day and how much fruit they have developed. This could be the best crop ever for us, I planted the seed on the 18/04, which I think was a perfect time to sow it because they can be started too late in this country and do not have enough of a summer to do much, we have also had such good wether, they do love heat and water. 



They did say it was going to be a good year for soft fruit and how right they are with Raspberry’s who have fruited so well that I added them to the menu for our Trust BBQ for 40 people, and we had some left over for breakfast, maybe the best time to eat them after fresh picking, a job I have come to love first thing, with the dogs chasing any birds out of the fruit cage, the birds sometimes get in before I am up, it gives the dogs a sense of use to be able to get the birds out of the cage. Because I cut the canes in the winter to a good hight they have not grown through the netting on the roof this year. For the photo of the bowl of fruit I put Miscanthus next to the bowl so you can see how big the bowl is or how small she is, Miscanthus is standard size. 



Sometimes things come into your life and you really do not know how you lived without them in the past, I feel this way about a new pair of sectors, they are made in Japan of course and are called ‘ARS’, they are just what is needed for things like Sweet Peas, a vegetable man from LA that stayed told me about them, I ordered a pair that night, not just for myself but I got Thomas a pair also, he came back today, I had him out there cutting Sweet Peas with them, I might as well start as I wish to continue, working him hard, I think he was impressed with the tool also.



One swallow does not make a summer as one Tomato does not make a crop but we have our first outdoor Tomato ready, it has had a lot of photos taken of it today by the visitor’s, I was a little worried that someone would pick it before I had time to also take its photo. It is a variety called ‘Glacier’ that is early to beat the blight, I would rather just not get blight and have a long season of fruit from the Tomatoes. L1050356