Inside the Prayer Flags is a very well stocked garden with a lot of great summer vegetables, MF has some very good looking red Lettuce, they do seem to do a lot better over here than they do in the U.K, mine seem to run to seed very fast, not too sure what I am doing wrong with them. MF also puts straw under his Tomatoes, I would love to do this but it does seem harder  to find straw that has not had chemicals used on it. I was right, the flags are to keep the deer out, so far so good. They also do so much better with Onions over here, I think it is the heavy clay soil we have at Dixter. 


3 thoughts on “Inside

  1. Glad you are having a good time and drinking in new ideas.
    Onions need the richest soil, high in nitrogen, Think of all the layers of the onion as leaves. In order for something to grow big it needs to be well feed.
    Thanks for your blogging.

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