Can a perfect day be added to, I think the answer can always be yes, everything can be taken to a new level and in the garden we often have to take things to a another level, also in the gardening world the weather can seem perfect but needs to have something added to take it to that new level, often it is a sprinkler, and that is just what we have had to do on both Sunday morning and today, add water to this heat, not sure you can do anything nicer to your plants, you see the pressure come off them before your eyes, and the growth keeps going.



The Tomatoes have got to the next stage of there development, we have had to stake them which of course is a good thing as it means they are growing, we also try and keep the lower leaves off, this is to give the plants good air movement between them, and maybe also to help reduce blight with good air movement, it worked last year but we ended the season with funny looking plants but we did get a crop.



Perfect weather

To wake to light rain is not something that a lot of people want to see but as a vegetable gardener I feel a great amount to joy to see this, of course I really would not want to wake to it each day but it is needed to keep the vegetables moving, a lot of people do not know but vegetables need water, I weeded the Leeks yesterday and planted the extra ones in, not all of them take the first time so you keep the spear ones going in a pot and inter plant if needed, then give Mrs Next -door the last lot, the Leeks now look very happy for some rain today. I had another area that needed weeding so with a light rain falling I weeded this area, the rain had stopped after coffee and I am very happy with the result of the days weeding.


For Sale

We now have more than one thing to sell at the front door, we have Artichokes and Lettuce ‘Little Gem’, the seed for the Lettuce was sown on the 12/03 and now are ready to be picked and sold, I did have to try one last night, always good to try what you sell so you know how good they are and these are very good I am happy to report. I have a new pot of Little Gem to prick out tomorrow and hope to get this new row in by the end of the month, it needs to be looking good for Thomas’s return at the start of July, we miss him in the garden.