We planted another ninety  Lettuce ‘Little Gem’ today, the seed was sown on the 23/04/14, they have been ready for a week now but with the weather so hot and dry I wanted to hold them a little, I had hoped that we had an afternoon of rain but we got a little but not enough not to have to water the plants in. We do still use plug trays, a lot of people would direct sow them at this time of the year but I like the spacing to be perfect and not to waste seed and so not direct sowing is best for me, when you direct sow you then have to thin out, this would work well if there was an interest in micro crops, I now know  lot about this after spending the night with a man from the U.S who grows a lot of micro crops, you eat the crop when the first real leaves develop, maybe next year I can turn Mrs Next-doors glass house into a micro crop area.




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