We (the dogs and me) are very happy to have the first bunch of Sweet Pea on my desk in our bedroom tonight, I sit at the computer with the windows open, this helps the scent from the flowers move across the room, and I like a cold room. The flower scent helps the bed room from smelling like a dog kennel, the dogs do not sleep in my bed but have a bed each on the floor next to my bed. I am not a great fan of cut flowers in the house but love it when the scent is so good. The problem with Sweet Peas is they go over very fast and so what looks great tonight will be over in a matter of nights, but if you do not cut as many flowers each day the plants produce seed and stop flowering.





6 thoughts on “Scent

  1. I have managed to grow some Sweet Peas from seed here in the broiling hot weather of South Carolina. While they are not the perfect giants that sit upon your lovely desk, they still transport me in my memories to English gardens where they have taken my breath away. Nice photo and I am so glad they are making it into the house for smelling and enjoying. The whole reason to garden.

  2. Sometimes, with enough effort (remembering to start them indoors in February), I get some sweet peas. Linda Cobb, you are a marvel! I wish I were at Dixter to smell yours.

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