Is there a more delicious taste than that of a Pea picked and eaten in the garden, and that is a taste that I think very much of summer with. Ours have just started to fruit, I am so pleased to eat them again, I just hope that Miscanthus does not get a taste for them like she seems to with everything else, she can move rather fast through a row and eat everything at her level, thank the gods for her short legs. I will wait till we have a good crop up there, shuck them and immediately cook them for two mins, run them under cold water, let them cool and put them in to freeze. A Pea does seem to freeze well and keep the taste.


3 thoughts on “Pea

  1. Even more delicious, in my book – incomparably delicious: That pea, along with some others, lightly steamed and buttered. But it’s a matter of, um taste!

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