Take Two

One of our crops has not worked this year and we had problems with it last year, the Spinach, really not sure why  nothing comes up when things do well around it so we have decided to try it in plug trays in the glass house to get it going, then plant it out, the major problem is that it is such a great vegetable that I do not just want to drop it from my seed list next year, we will let you know how we get on with it, Chris next-door  has said that he will look after the glass house while I am away this week, it will be great t come back to a full tray of Spinach plants. 



3 thoughts on “Take Two

  1. Mines growing well, with direct sowing. In recent years I have allowed certain crops as I do flowering plants to set seed, spinnage is one crop that comes true I had grown several types in the past but this one’s the best and winters through too, I guess my interest in long past practices was my inspiration, I do think people are now more aware of ecological, economic good practice…what’s your thoughts on this?…sales of vegetable seeds have over taken flower seeds and I would imagine part of the ethos of Dixter would dove tail into this, collection of flower seed each year must be a ritual as perennial division. …regards John.

  2. So glad your new slave will do that! He is a great guy! Thank him from all of us who will enjoy his $ your efforts? Have a great trip! Love you LS XO

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