11 out of 10

What a pleasure it was for me today to be planting out seedlings with my new trowel, it is very light weight and moves well through our soil which is a heavy clay soil that has had a lot of compost added to it over the years but can still be heavy, so to find a tool that works so well on the soil is a real joy. Once again I would like to thank Mr and Mrs Sneeboer for such a special gift, I know that it is going t be with me for a very long time, my rating for the trowel is 11 out of 10, the next best tool I use is also made by Sneeboer, the Royal Dutch hoe, thanks. I even let Thomas use both of these tools today…..

2 thoughts on “11 out of 10

  1. Great tool. I purchased mine at the Great Dixter nursery. I asked Sneeboer if they could make me a 3-tine cultivator with a 24″ handle, and
    they made it for me. It is fabulous for quickly going through areas in the garden. Right tool for the right garden task!

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