Because I am worth it…….

Sometimes in life you do not need a lot of money but a good smile and some good old fashion charm, that is what I had to get out yesterday when Mr and Mrs Sneeboer Tools came for a visit, they make some of the best tools that money can buy and now have the range to top all other rangers, TITANIUM tools with a walnut handle…when I saw them I had to have them and was ready to do what had to be done to get a set, lets just say I got a set and am very happy to report that I used the hand fork today, we have love, it is light and moves very well in the soil. I also love what it says on their site about the tools “Tools fit for a Queen”, do I need to say more? 



6 thoughts on “Because I am worth it…….

    • Hi there, Sorry I just found this. I hope that you are going to come over and see the garden before too long, please say hello to your Father from me. Hope your vegetable garden is going well.

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