The Potatoes went in today I am very happy to report, for some of you on a light soil this will be rather late but that is what has happened at Dixter for many years, we put them in at this time, it works for our clay soil so why change it, of course we could cover the area in white fleece but all of you who know me, know that I found this kind of thing rather low rent and not something I would want to see when on a garden visits to such a historical garden like Dixter. We planted P. “Picasso (the best baker I have found, great taste in both skin and flesh, still in our store, I will be baking with them next week), P. “Pink Fir Apple (such a great old potatoes, we are using them in the kitchen still, that is how well they also store) and P.”Charlotte” (can you beat the taste boiled when fresh out of the ground?). You can see by the photo that the Charlottes wanted to get into the ground.



4 thoughts on “Potatoes

  1. Thank you! Give Miscanthus a hug from me! Wish I could be there. I am looking forward to seeing the BBC special
    on Great Dixter! By the clips, it looks like it is VERY well done! Very exciting! xo

  2. I want you to know because of my visit at the Great Dixter, I tracked down Pink Fur Apple and planted them in my garden last year! They were every bit as delicious as I remember.

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