Jealousy is not a bad thing to feel sometimes, I felt like that when I went over to see Tom at Gravetye Manor on Monday, there is so much more going on in his walled garden than the vegetable garden here and his glass housers are full of plants that he will get out in the next month, it did make me think I need to up my game and so since then I have gone for it and planted some twenty one pots of seed and seven plug trays, all the digging I am going to do was finished today, if the weather stays like this I am going to be on top of things very soon, the holiday in Australia seems a long time ago, I will have to go on another holiday soon. L1040936

5 thoughts on “Jealous

  1. Jealousy brfeeds jealousy….I am now jealous of you, as I have to sit inside at my office desk for another 3days before
    I can get to my potting table to sow seeds. Thank you for the inspiration! xo

  2. Yes you are an inspiration. I have drug out the seed starting table with the grow light and the heat coils under it. Going to start seeds next week after I run to Detroit and see my friends and Fergus.

  3. Speaking of being jealous . . . this is for you, Linda Cobb! I’m jealous of your upcoming trip to see Fergus in Detroit. Aaron, your pots of seed are beautiful. I love looking at bare soil and thinking about the little green sprouts soon to appear.

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