We had a row of All Season Romaine Mixed Lettuce (planted 26/08/13, seed from The Cooks Garden) up in the High Garden that I planted in the middle of other salad vegetables, it was the only row left, I had two chooses, either compost them, or to lift the row of plants and plant them into a large pot or two and keep them growing under glass, this is what I have done, I really do not know if it is going to work but I want to keep picking from the plants so it is worth a try, I will keep you up to date with how they keep going, nothing should stop the digging……..


5 thoughts on “Glasshouse

  1. This will work beautifully. Just remember to feed and pick regularly.

    I grow my greens including a beautiful Monstrueux De Viroflay spinach
    (which I use in salads or sauté) in pots during the winter. I get these
    seeds from Baker Creek.

    Enjoy your winter greens! xo

  2. Hello Aaron, I have only just come across your blog, but it good to know of the highs and the lows of someone who gardens on a larger scale. I garden in the west of Ireland so I’m very familiar with the problem of sometimes too much rain. Tomatoes can only be grown under cover here if you wish to have produce at the end of the season. 2013 was an excellent year all round, although I had the same problem as yourself ref celeriac, as the crop does like it very damp. Love your doggies, we had a standard black and tan dachsund when I was very young, they are wonderful dogs, are yours related to Christophers pair at all? Keep up the good but hard work!

  3. Hi Aaron, hopefully you’re having success with your greenhouse lettuces – wonderful to have the taste of freshly picked lettuce in winter! It should work really well for you but without the tedious bolting business that we get in the summer! Isn’t your soil too wet to dig? I saw a lot of flooded fields on my drive down to Dixter a couple of weeks ago…

    • The lettuce is doing very well, I will start to eat this week. Winter digging all over now, was starting to get a little too wet but that part of the garden is on high ground and has had a lot of compost over the years.

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