Bonne année

This New Year was not a year where I woke and could not wait to get out in the garden, it was more how the hell am I going to be able to cope if this rain and wind are here for the month like they said it would, I am pleased to say that things have got a lot better this past week, and we may even get a frost tonight, a good sign, it means that the sky is clear which means it is not raining, being on nursery duty this weekend I have covered the double frames as a novel thing to do, not to have to tie them down….and the digging goes on up in the vegetable garden. Well a very good growing year to you all, the first day of the year started with marzipan, the way I want it to keep going, sweet and delightful.  


3 thoughts on “Bonne année

  1. Lovely to meet you at the study day yesterday, Aaron. Thanks for the delicious lunch and flapjack – was the teatime fruit cake made by you also? Equally yummy! I’m now looking forward to reading about your seed choices for the coming year – une trés bonne année à vous aussi!

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