We already grow Kale ‘Black Tuscany’, which is one of the best winter vegetables I think, it grows well and gives a lot, the other day I was thinking about next year and one of the things that I want to grow more of is Kale. The past weekend I went over to see what Tom grows and was very happy with the look growing others gives to the garden, at this time of the year and all that extra we could sell, it would look great at our Christmas Fair this weekend in bunches at the front door. The other two that Tom grows are K.Dwarf Green Curled and K ‘Red Bore’.


2 thoughts on “Kale

  1. Dwarf Blue Scotch is my favorite, but you don’t have a space problem like we do in the city:-) Your kale is stunning! What is the red kale in the background? I have tried a couple red Kales for the anthocyanins and that looks like one that would have a lot. It looks shorter,too? I could fit that in our smaller gardens

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