What is they say, a job sheared is a job cut in half. Well that was the case on the weekend when it was time to cook the ‘Ripe Tomato Chutney, it is not a big job but just one of those jobs that goes well with help, my friend Lee was over from NYC for four days, two of those days where spent at Dixter, I call it part of her development as a person. I am very happy to have two and a half jars in store for next year, chutney needs time to develop, a good six months, we just finished a jar from two years ago, it was at its best. I hope to get another two jars put away while the Tomatoes are still fruiting well. 



One thought on “Chutney

  1. Those ‘jars’ look interesting. Would you be willing to share your recipe and storage technique? Two year old chutney sounds divine.

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