The compost heap is now planted and looking good, some of the ones that where planted last week have found it hard work up there and digging on the side we can see why, it is so hot in the heap, of course this is great for killing the weed seed, we just have to make sure the young plants get enough water while they get going. 


Compost Heap

It must be summer, the Gourds are now planted on the compost heap and looking good, the key with them is to make sure they have enough water or the fruit will not develop and the other problem is that slugs do not kill the plant by eating the stem while still young. 



With this new heat wave the vegetables have started to really do something now and I am able to sell things at the front door, we have a great selection of Lettuce which of course look great, we sold out yesterday and three ladies hunted me down in the garden to get more vegetables, they said they would take anything I had to offer and seemed very happy with the result. 



The winter crop has moved from the pot where it started life into large plug trays, these are the plug trays that I use for all the plants in the vegetable garden, it is a good size for them to go from the glasshouse into cold frames, then out into the garden. It seems to be a good mix for the winter. 




It is very hard to think about winter but there is a point you need to start, in the vegetable garden it is sowing the seeds for the winter crop and that is what we did 0n the 30/06/13, they have all come up and now we need to move them on into plug trays before they go out into the garden, it is also a good time to make sure you have the netting to go over them, protection is important. 


Good idea?

We have planted another pot of Basil, you may ask why after all the blog space I have filled talking about how hard it seems to grow. We have a student here from Japan, she has given me this seed that they grow so I am going to give it a try, I of course could not read what to do with the seed on the packet, maybe that was a good start. 



The seed that we planted on 25/06/13 has started to come up, I was very happy to see the Spinach ‘Tetona F1 Hybrid’, this is the first of the Spinach I have got going this year, not too sure why the other seed did not take, but it must need a little more heat, the Beetroot ‘Boltardy’ has also shown itself which is great, it is great to have the Beetroot going through the year. No sign of the Florence Fennel yet. 




Scale plays a very big part of a lot of what one does in life, it even come into play for a vegetable gardener and it came home to me  today as I looked back on my work, planting the Basil ‘Sweet Green’, that was sown on the 27/03/13, it is in scale with the Tomato plants, I did think about putting the tray of plants onto the compost heap, it would save a lot of time, I have never know something to stand still for so long, the big plants are half an inch tall and have four leaves, not sure there is going to be pesto in the kitchen this year. 


Two days

We have had two days of seed sowing, of course not fill time, yesterday was sowing into pots to get going in the glass house, today was out in the vegetable garden. Yesterday was Romanesco veronica, Thompson and Morgan, Cabbage savoy ‘January King’, Thompson and Morgan, Broccoli ‘Sprouting Redhead’, Thompson and Morgan, Brussels Sprout ‘Trafalgar F1 Hybrid’, Thompson and Morgan, Cauliflower ‘Pavilion F1 Hybrid’, Thompson and Morgan, and Lettuce ‘Little Gem’, Thompson and Morgan. And then today it was Parsnip ‘Gladiator F1 Hybrid’, Thompson and Morgan, Parsnip ‘Countess F1 Hybrid’, Thompson and Morgan, Salad Greens ‘Alfresco Blend’, Territorial Seeds, Rocket, Thompson and Morgan, Salad mix ‘Bright and Spicy’, Thompson and Morgan. We also got on top of the weeds in the  fruit cage again, thank you Alison and Andrew.