Scale plays a very big part of a lot of what one does in life, it even come into play for a vegetable gardener and it came home to me  today as I looked back on my work, planting the Basil ‘Sweet Green’, that was sown on the 27/03/13, it is in scale with the Tomato plants, I did think about putting the tray of plants onto the compost heap, it would save a lot of time, I have never know something to stand still for so long, the big plants are half an inch tall and have four leaves, not sure there is going to be pesto in the kitchen this year. 



One thought on “Scale

  1. One of the few consolations about Texas heat is that basil likes it. Is it getting warm at Dixter? I hope your basil kicks into high gear soon. Go talk or sing to it.

    (When I clicked on your post today I was afraid it was going to be about bugs.)

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