We planted Basil ‘Sweet Green’ on the 27/03/13 and it took a rather long time to get going but it come up and then seemed to sit again, last week it was time to move them onto the plug trays , what I found was a lot of plants with a very weak root system, most had to be put on the compost, I did get 98 small plants, I am going to try and grow them different this year. I will water them every three days, the days between I hope they will dry out, my only worry is, what are the plants going to do when out in the soil, will the summer be too cold for them? I love fresh Basil but find it hard to get going on our heavy soil. 


3 thoughts on “Basil

  1. Try growing it in clumps like parsley, sowing it in small pots to avoid transplant shock and wait until May to seed it. I garden in Victoria Canada, with have a similar climate. Heat his critical to growing basil successfully. A well ventilated cold frame would help too.

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