Tomato King

It was rather hard to hide the jealousy on my face when I walked into a glasshouse at Gravetye Manor yesterday with one of the gardeners Matt, to see his large collection of fine Tomatoes, some of the best looking plants I have seen in a very long time, it seems that he has become the King of Tomatoes for the South East of England. I was a little shocked at first  when only One was offered to me, there must have been some four hundred plants in the glasshouse, after a little talking and interest on my side, a tray of plants was then offered, more like it. I had to take a photo of Matt with his tray of Tomatoes, it was like he was giving up some of his children, here is the photo of Matt and his tray of Tomatoes, and thank you Matt, I will be back. P.S the whole garden is really worth a visit



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