It is good to see the Tomatoes seeds have now come up, until the last few nights I was a little worried that we were late with them,  it is still cold at night, so if planted them out now they may have gone back, I do find the Tomato the hardest vegetable plant to get right in this country, I have seen them growing as weeds on compost heaps in the U.S.A producing fruit, I could not get mine through the summer last year with a lot of love, we need dry heat from June till October this year to get a great crop. I will prick out the seedlings into plug trays early next week. 




3 thoughts on “Tomato

  1. Aaron,
    Are these you tomato seedling on May 16th…you might have to start them sooner. Plant them out in your garden when soil temp. hits 60 degrees F, but they should be 6 to 8 inches tall when transplanting. Don’t over water..let them dry out in between waterings. Also, you can use black plastic to heat up the soil… They love heat. Hope this helps.

    • Yes you are right, I need to got the seed in before I do, part of our problem is that we have a problem with space. I will try the watering system that you think will work, the major problem in England is that we get so much summer rain. But I do not like the idea of black plastic, the look puts me off. Thank you for your help, I am always interested in the way other people grow things.

      • I know black plastic is not a good look! They now are using red do you like red? Don’t like that either, but it
        would solve your watering and probably your blight problem from last year.

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