Yesterday was another seed sowing day, I got eight pots of seed sown, six of these were Tomatoes, as I was sowing the seed, I was thinking, am I wasting my time, are these going to get blight,  if we think like this we should not garden, we as gardeners live with HOPE, that is the thing that keeps us going. The Tomatoes that we are going to grow are; ‘Gardener’s Delight’ Thompson and Morgan, Sungold F1 Hybrid’ Thompson and Morgan, ‘Costoluto’ Franchi Seed, ‘S.Marzano 2’ Franchi Seed, ‘Moneymaker’Thompson and Morgan and ‘Domates’ Bursa Seed, this should give us a good range. The other two pots where, Herb ‘Coriander Calypso’ Thompson and Morgan and Herb ‘Chervil’ Thompson and Morgan,( I planted another pot of this as I did not think the other pot was doing anything, by the afternoon there was movement from the other pot). Also two more plug trays where planted, Climbing Bean ‘Borlotto Lingua di Fuoco’ Thompson and Morgan and Climbing Bean ‘Cobra’ Moles Seed. With this good weather we should see some good movement.



2 thoughts on “Tomato

  1. I’m also hoping my late sown tomatoes will be okay. They’ve only just germinated and, if necessary, one or two will be grown on my balcony where it’s a bit warmer. All the others will have to go out. My beans were sown last week and popped up above the soil two days later – super fast! Hard to believe that this lovely weather will last though, and there where will we be!

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