By weekend

The Broad Beans are in, I got two strong rows out the three plug trays that I sowed on the 12/03/13 and they have had a nights rain on them, I have planted the plants about 6 inches apart, as with the two rows, I will put support around them as a whole, they really should get going now that they are in the soil. I also got my tray of Shirley Poppy’s in, they where also sown on 12/03/13, I planted them through the soft fruit in the fruit cage, I want them to look like they have self-sown there, if they grow well it is going to give a great lift to the area, I just have to watch for slug problems, slugs enjoy the taste of a young poppy seedlings. I can now have a good restful weekend knowing all this is in, I may just need to water tomorrow if it is hot today…….


One thought on “By weekend

  1. I think I will come to see these beans in person! Yes, I will, in June. I don’t grow broad beans but the lettuce is in along with broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts and the garlic is growing nicely.

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