Pricking Out

The next stage has started after seed sowing, pricking out the seedlings, I wait till the seedlings have their second leaves. I am pricking out all the seed that where sown on the 13/03/13, we move them from the five inch pot (that all the pack of seed seed was sown in), to the plug trays, there are 98 plugs in each tray, I am pricking out a plug tray of each, they will go from the plug to the garden after some time under glass, cold frames work very well for this, you can give them air durning the day and close them down at night to keep them warm, this makes sure they keep growing.


7 thoughts on “Pricking Out

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  2. To make sure I am absolutely right, you plant the seeds en masse in a pot or seed tray then prick them out into those excellent little plugs, yes? My boss seems to think you plant them in plugs and then put them in bigger plugs, which does not make sense to me.

    • Thank you for the interest, you are right, most seed we plant en masse in a five inch pot and then when they get going we prick them out into the plug tray, we do not do this for Peas and Beans, we plant one seed in each plug and then when they get going they go into the soil, a lot of people would not do this with Beans and Peas but on our heavy soil the seed can take a long time to move, I am going to write and take a photo of what is going on in the glass house tomorrow, help this is a help.

      • Thank you very much. All is clear. I feel privileged getting such a quick response too, from the oracle, so to speak.
        I have restarted my interest in gardening after a 50 year gap and it is wonderful, as is the community of gardeners.
        Best wishes, Mike

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