Sown Seed

Eight different seeds were sown yesterday, these were all sown in pots, when they come up they will then be pricked out into plug trays and grown on till they are ready to go in the ground, by then I hope that the soil will be warm. The Pea Seeds are the only seed that I put straight into a plug tray, they could go straight into the ground but last year 80% of the Pea Seed that I planted in the ground rotted off because it was so wet, so I find getting them going under glass first works well for us. The seeds where:

Herb Chervil, Thompson and Morgan

Lettuce ‘Paris Island Cos’, Moles Seed

Broccoli ‘Early Sprouting Rudolph‘, Thompson and Morgan

Celeriac “Monarch’, Thompson and Morgan

Broccoli ‘Summer Purple’, Thompson and Morgan

Leek ‘Lyon 2 Prizetaker’, Moles Seed

Leek ‘F1 Kenton‘, Moles Seed

Pea ‘Sugar Ann’, Territorial Seeds


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