The Site

The vegetable garden is at the highest point on the site, this does work very well because of the sun and light the area gets. This area also works very well because of the hedges around the garden, we have Yew hedges around the High Garden and rough hedges round the other area, we call this other area the Vegetable Garden, the wind is broken before it gets to the vegetables, with both of these hedges. The smaller area is in the High Garden, we have the top right hand corner for vegetables, the larger part of the vegetable garden is below the old apple orchard which is now a prairie. Both these areas have had one hundred years of compost added to the soil which gives me a very good soil to work with, we still winter dig the area with compost from our meadows which is given three years to break down before it is added to the soil. Crop rotation is what I use to design the vegetable garden, the potatoes and the brassicas need to be grown in different soil from the year before, so the first thing I do is work out where I had them last year and then the rest of the planting follows on from that. I have also found that the top right hard part of the High Garden gets any sun we get all year round so I start in this corner, the Fruit Cage stays colder longer because it does not get the winter sun so is planted last.



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