Glasshouse Space

The big question this year seems to be. When should we sow our seed? They tell us that the weather is going to stay cold for the month of April, maybe longer…. Our problem is glasshouse space, there is never enough. We are still over wintering plants and now need the space for seedlings, these will be the core of our summer planting. I have the answer…..Mrs Nextdoor’s glasshouse, it is closer to the vegetable garden, Mrs Nextdoor does not use all of it,  I have things like my sweet peas and broad beans in there now, once they get going I will move them into her cold frames and then out into the garden. The offer I have made to her is that I will give her a few of the plants that I produce, of course this is not a problem as I always grow too much, of which a lot is sold at the front door. So that is the answer to the problem of glasshouse space, be nice to someone who has extra space.

The Glasshouse in Question


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